Group Companies

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited

We are professional Insurers of repute underwriting of all classes of Insurance business. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited a member company of United International Group was established in the year-1959 and enlisted on Stock Exchange in 1960.

To provide adequate protection to its clients, The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited, underwrite all sorts of risks e.g. FIRE, MARINE, MOTOR/VEHICLES, PERSONAL ACCIDENT, HEALTH, WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION, ERECTION ALL RISK, FIDELITY GUARANTEE, MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENTS, BREAK DOWN POLICY, EMPLOYER’S LIABILITY,LIVE STOCKS, CROPS etc. The extensive experience and academic background of our underwriters in insurance and risk managements enable us to offer a full range of Insurance Coverage & Personalized Services to the specific need or our valued clients.

As a member Company of United International Group, it has established itself in a pre-eminent position as a reliable leading national insurer with strong financial strength our clients include some of the largest names in commerce and industry, several smaller companies and individuals equally trust us along with a host of retail customers. We continuously add to our strength by introducing new branded customers friendly products.

UIC has hired highly professional team of underwriters/Loss adjusters from a US based multinational for this very purpose. Our company has all the credential, performance and track record, to provide best competitive services.

Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) has improved the IFS Rating of the United Insurance Company of Pakistan (UIC) to AA+ (Double A Plus) vide their letter dated March 31, 2022.

United Window Takaful (Islamic coverage an alternative solution of conventional insurance) its operations based on Takaful Rules 2012 of SECP.

United Insurance Window Takaful Operations:

United Window Takaful (UWT) Operations is a separate division of The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd and pioneer in Window Takaful Operations in Pakistan through authorization awarded by SECP to commence its operation in August, 2014. UWT offering General Takaful Products to provide cover in all classes of General Takaful.

United Window Takaful Operations serve the nation through its branches all over Pakistan.

The United Window Takaful Operations has Re-Takaful arrangements with AA- rated Re-Takaful Companies, such as Swiss Re.


Apna Microfinance Bank Limited (Formerly Network Microfinance Bank Limited)

Apna Microfinance Bank managed by Group of highly experienced bankers committed in and specialized in providing financial services to less privileged / marginal poor including economic empowerment of WOMEN & micro-entrepreneurs in the Agri and Micro enterprises in rural areas of Pakistan. It is private commercial Microfinance bank presently licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan under the Microfinance Ordinance 2001 to operate its operation in Karachi District; however the Bank intends to expand its operation nation-wide after completing the necessary regulatory requirements.

Our main focus is to provide personalized services to the poor segment of the society through our dedicated Products aim to change their life-style by entering them in micro-entrepreneurs at a lowest markup rate in the market.

We aim to arrange capacity building of under served masses by improving attitudes, skill, knowledge and ability to initiate and manage economically viable projects.

We aim to provide finances, advances and other credit facilities for the development of agriculture and rural market sector including production, marketing and house finance facilities.

To mobilize savings by accepting deposits in Savings and other specialized deposit products.

We aim to combine the knowledge base with the modern management methodology, latest technology, sophisticated financial instruments, universal Micro-banking concepts and current corporate sciences.

We aim to create and perpetuate a culture of balanced approach for the development of market related competitive and innovative financial services. Introducing a culture of innovation and excellence with a view to find acceptable solutions to real and conceived impediments for promoting a true micro financial regime.

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United Track System (Pvt.) Ltd.

UTS is a member company of United International Group (UIG) – a well-established group of Pakistan with stakes in different local ventures. Today, we are amongst the most stable working groups of Pakistan with over 1000 employees. United International Group has a diversified portfolio & the employees are expert professionals in their respective fields.

UTS strengths that maximize our capacity to provide the best possible services are as follows:

Our services are reliable, cost effective and available round-the-clock.

Our services are more suited to the local environment. We not only understand the market requirement, but are also technically sound to cater the problems related to the local GSM network.

Our well-established research facility enables us to provide customer specific solutions and services.

Through our countrywide Customer Support Network, we can conveniently serve our clients.

UTS works with a combination of GPS/GPRS and GSM signals. The signals are provided by the GPS satellites, which covers entire world. The GPS transmitted signals are received by the tracker installed in your vehicle, which calculates its exact position based on the info received from multiple satellites. The data is then passed using GSM/GPRS, via cell phone infrastructure, to the central UTS server for further processing and collation.


United Software & Technologies International (Pvt.) Ltd.

USTI was founded in 2007 on the principle of applying the latest technology to design and develop innovative products. Incorporate state-of-the-art technology, unique features and outstanding value-for-money.

Just over six years back a small cluster of people driven by the belief in applied research joined hands together. In 2007, this team was a novice in the business sector but indeed had what it takes to become successful – mind over matter. Technology and research was its mind and making a way into the industry was the matter. The focus of this small but dynamic R&D facility was to offer cost effective, customized, and innovative solutions in the field of Hi-Tech engineering.

Today, we are amongst the most stable working groups of Pakistan with over 1000 employees. United International Group has a diversified portfolio & the employees are expert professionals in their respective fields. With a strong network across the country, we have over 100 branches in different urban and rural areas.


“USTI” is a set of shared belief that drives us forward and binds us together as a cohesive unit. Ethics, not profits, drive our passion for advanced technologies.

Working Environment

At USTI we have created an environment conducive to learning and growth. Our team is a real source of our competitive advantage. We strive to achieve performance excellence by working with highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Core Capabilities

In our R&D, we strive to ensure maximum quality, through extensive testing before the product/service is finalized for production and marketing. Besides technical testing within the R&D, the product is placed in real life conditions to evaluate its performance under actual working environment. This exhaustive testing is part of our philosophy of ensuring maximum quality for our products.

At USTI, we have a pool of distinguished engineering expertise which range from engineering electronics, embedded systems to efficient software design and development. This gives us a distinct edge over our competitors, where companies usually outsource many of their operations.

USTI has over the years, developed several products in different domains. In these domains, our area of expertise includes:

  • R&D of hardware and software.
  • Track & Trace products.
  • Electronic subcontracting.
  • Controlling and operational application.
  • In-House Business Applications (MIS, HR, Payroll, GL, Accounts etc).
  • Customer Support Applications (web Track etc)

As a technology-driven company, USTI heavily emphasizes on research and development to maintain its leadership position in the market. Since inception, the company has Design and developed several software Solution, each incorporating more advanced technology and better quality Our overwhelming success is attributed to our technical superiority, coupled with the brain genius of our people. We translate engineering technologies into value for our customers through our services and customized solutions.


Tawasul Insurance Services LLC, Abu Dhabi.

Tawasul Insurance Services, L.L.C, was established on 27th May 2006 in Abu Dhabi. Tawasul is registered with the department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi, Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Tawasul has been one of the prominent insurance brokers since its inception, offering personal & commercial lines of insurance.

Tawasul is known for its consistent & excellent financial results. However, in a professional service industry like ours, the ultimate test should always be client service. We have a culture that is passionate about putting our client first. As the broker to disavow contingents and refuse supplemental compensation, Tawasul has taken an unwavering stand on acting in the best interests of the client.


Tawasul Risk Management Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

Tawasul Risk Management Services is part of UIG Group Of Companies, with top class experts at its disposal, with over 20 to 40 years of experience in Valuing, Risk Management, Banking, Insurance, modeling the performance of Mortgage Assets, they have worked with the Pakistani Business Industry and national financial institutions to quantify value and risk from basic Treasury-perspectives to the broader application of default probability and loss severity modeling.

We offer expert testimony on valuation. Our experts have managed large scale systems to quantify the multitude and inherent instrument risks and alternatives.


United International Farms (Pvt) Limited

Pakistan being an agriculture based Country always needed to have agriculture farming according to latest trends, using modern techniques and equipment to get the maximum yield of crops, cattle and goat farming can also facilitate the country needs with regards to production of milk and meat.

To claim for the above, the worthy chairman (UIG) Mian M. A. Shahid, with his visionary and nationalist approach, introduced a piece of fertile land near Sheikhupura (Punjab) where the production of crops as well as production of fresh milk has already started and as a first step employees and the friends of the UIG are being benefited.

In the future to come, worthy Chairman intends opening up of such farms all over the Country.

HEAD / REGISTERED OFFICE: UIG House, 1 Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. Tel. :  042-35776475 to 83, 042-35776485 Fax :  042-35776486 & 35776487 Email :

Tawasul HealthCare TPA (Pvt.) Ltd

Tawasul HealthCare TPA (Pvt.) Ltd is the first licensed TPA (Third Party Administrators for Health Insurance) of Pakistan. SECP has issued certificate of registration on November 17, 2015. The company was incorporated on May 26, 2015 as a private limited Company. The principal activity of the company is to provide effective claim administration on behalf of insurer through efficient technological process.