Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

M. A. Shahid

Mian M. A. Shahid

I feel deeply delighted and pleased today to see that United International Group web has been launched. This is heartening and memorable event for me and there are no words to express my real feeling.

With this website Group of Companies are appearing on international canvas as one goal one aim. Some member companies of UIG are already well known in Pakistan and abroad markets while a few members are striving to meet and win the highest competition of the market. I am confident that these member companies will sure be successful to achieve their targets.

This website will be pivot in introducing United International Group Companies in all such markets and financial institutions where browsing is done. UIG will now become a part of search engines.

UIG website represents who we are, what is our business and what are our aims to do. We believe that through this website we will be closer with our existing partners and customers. It will assist us in locating new markets, customers, investments and other opportunities.

On this occasion I congratulate Miss Huma Waheed, Vice Chairperson of UIG. Under her dedicated supervision this wonderful task has been accomplished and I also appreciate Mr. Mohammad Arshad for his skills in designing valuable UIG website.